Enterprise Development and Support

Mbo Youth Empowerment Centre: To contribute towards poverty reduction and unemployment in our host communities, Oriental Energy constructed a multi-purpose youth empowerment centre at Enwang, in Mbo Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State.  The goal of the project is to empower youths in the community with a self-sustaining business venture, knowledge and skills to participate in social development through income generation activity.  The centre has been equipped with a printing press, engraving and monogramming studio, internet service center, digital photographic studio and reception hall. When commissioned, the centre and associated facilities, which cost  will be managed by a Community-based Board of Trustees.


Technical Skill Acquisition Programme (TSAP): Initiated in 2011, the TSAP was informed and driven by community needs and socio-economic challenges particularly high unemployment and youth restiveness. Oriental partnered with skill providers and centres in Akwa Ibom State to train beneficiaries in a variety of technical and vocational skills including catering and hotel management; welding and fabrication; electrical and instrumentation; fashion and design; carpentry and furniture making as well as hairdressing and hat making. Trainees received starter packs and seed funds to establish their business enterprises after completion of the one-year intensive training. More than 200 youths have benefited from the scheme.


Empowerment Programme for Women: In 2009, more than 500 women from our host communities in Mbo Local Government Area were trained on financial literacy and business skills. In addition, 200 women received start-up grants for small businesses, as well as by tailor-made technical assistance and specific professional business advice to enhance growth and ensure sustainability.


Empowerment Programme for Fishermen: In 2016, Oriental empowered fishermen from its host communities in Mbo Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State. This initiative involved the provision of complete fishing gears, including five (5) fibre boats, fishing nets, and other sundry items for use by more than fifty fishermen with the long-term goal of improving their livelihoods.


Oriental Star donated To the Oron Nation: The challenge of marine transportation and associated safety issues in our host communities necessitated the donation by Oriental of a 30-seater passenger water taxi (called Oriental Star) to the Oron Nation in 2005. The watercraft was to be managed by community representatives on a self-sustaining basis for the benefit and use of the people in our area of operation.