Oriental Energy Resources Ltd. is committed to selecting and employing the best-qualified individuals for positions, consistent with the Company’s long-term interest. The policy of the firm is also to seek and engage those who are qualified for employment and can find job satisfaction in the Company.

The determining factors in recruiting, hiring, selecting and placing employees are the overall requirements of the job. Oriental Energy will not discriminate against any one on the basis of race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, disability, political preference, membership or non-membership of any lawful organization, or on any other basis prohibited by Nigerian laws or regulations.

Oriental Energy strives to have conditions of employment so as to give every employee: reasonable job-security based on performance; reasonable and fair conditions of service; competitive and performance-based rewards; opportunities for continuous learning and professional development; and the encouragement to develop and make maximum use of his/her skill and abilities.

Fraudulent Employment Disclaimer

It has come to our attention that various individuals and organizations are contacting people offering them false employment in the name of Oriental Energy Resources. Please do not respond to such unsolicited offers of employment from people who are unfamiliar to you. Do not disclose any financial details or send money as these are fraudulent schemes.

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